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Founded on a strong belief in accessible education, eldercate is proud to bring academia to all corners of the world through our online programs.

As we move to an environment where we need additional assistance with physical care it is vital we cater to our neurological care needs also.  eldercate provides the neural stimulation so vital in maturity to build new synaptic connections and social connections so vital to our well being and longevity.  

Our experienced team takes topics of interest and delivers courses on a weekly basis to keep our clients engaged and rewarded but learning new skills and keeping mentally agile.  

Our courses are delivered live and are interactive to maximise engagement with our audience.  We are integrated with multiple care home systems and traditional online learning platforms to maximise the learning opportunities for our clients.

Care Homes

Providing lifelong learning in a care home environment on an in person basis can be challenging in the current environment.  Providing online education in an interactive and engaging format provides a new and exciting activity for your residents and an opportunity to attend any of our 11 courses on a weekly basis in the comfort of their room or in group activity area with other like minded learners.  

Home Care Providers & Carers 

As it becomes harder to recruit carers it becomes more important than ever to offer services to your clients which can keep them actively engaged.  At eldercate we can solve for this with your clients and deliver a market leading service to your audience.

Living Independently 

eldercate can offer an enriching learning and social experience to those living independently.  Our courses help to maintain lucidity and offer a welcome opportunity to continue to learn at home in a safe and social structure.

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