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Italian The aim of this course is to provide learners with the essential Italian needed to engage in basic communication for holidays in Italy- such as personal introduction. questions; shopping, directions as well as make simple transactions in hotels, banks etc. The course builds the basis of the Italian language. Alphabet and pronunciation; nouns, adjectives, articles, and agreement; structure of Italian sentence; numbers; present tense of regular verbs Week 1 Introducing Yourself: What is Your Name? Where are You From? One Interesting Fact about Yourself Week 2 Talking about your Hobbies: What do you like to Do? Week 3 Discussing your Likes and Dislikes: Adjectives and Superlatives Week 4 Asking for Directions: Finding your Way Around Week 5 At a Restaurant: Ordering Food, Making Requests and Role Play Week 6 Going to the Shops: Asking for a Refund, Requesting an Item, Role Play Week 7 Visiting the Doctor: Describing a Pain, Making an Appointment Week 8 Italian Cooking, Part 1: Buono Appetito! Week 9 Italian Cooking, Part 2: Tastes of Italy Week 10 Italian Art History, Part 1: The Renaissance Week 11 Italian Art History, Part 2: Gallery Tour Week 12 Creative Writing in Italian: The Diary Entry

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