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Spanish is focused on conversational, written and listening skills to give you confidence communicating with native speakers. The aim of this course is to provide learners with the essential Spanish needed to engage in basic communication for holidays in Spain- such as personal introduction. questions; shopping, directions as well as make simple transactions in hotels, banks etc. The course builds the basis of the Spanish language. Alphabet and pronunciation; nouns, adjectives, articles, and agreement; structure of Spanish sentence; numbers; present tense of regular verbs Week 1 Introducing Yourself: What is Your Name? Where are You From? One Interesting Fact about Yourself Week 2 Talking about your Hobbies: What do you like to Do? Week 3 Discussing your Likes and Dislikes: Adjectives and Superlatives Week 4 Asking for Directions: Finding your Way Around Week 5 At a Restaurant: Ordering Food, Making Requests and Role Play Week 6 Going to the Shops: Asking for a Refund, Requesting an Item, Role Play Week 7 Visiting the Doctor: Describing a Pain, Making an Appointment Week 8 Writing a Postcard: What did you Do on Holiday? Week 9 The Future Tense: What Will You Do Tomorrow? Week 10 Spanish and Photography: Describing your Holiday Photographs Week 11 Spanish Film: Discussion and Description Week 12 Creative Writing in French: The Diary Entry

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Eldercate Care Home, €200.00/month


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