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This course provides hands-on, professional guidance in compiling your personal portfolio, drawing from life experience. Week 1 The Camera - We will learn about how to control the light entering the camera using Aperture, Shutter, and ISO. In this class, we will also explain exposure, how to use your light meter - different metering modes and the histogram. Week 2 Finding Vivian Maier - In this class session we look at how some of the finest street photography ever taken was discovered in a junk sale in Boston and we look at the eccentric woman who created it. Week 3 Composition - In this class, we will look at the rules of Composition - The rule of thirds, leading lines, The golden ratio, Positive & negative space, repeated patterns, We will see how these tools can help us create strong frames in which to tell our story. Week 4Landscape - On the face of it Landscape photography seems like a very straight forward practice, jump in your car and go to the local beauty spot and shoot a few pictures. In this class, we will look at the tips and tricks for landscape photographers Week 5 Black & White & Photo assignments - photography was born in monochrome and yet almost a hundred and eighty years later black & white photography is still very popular. Let’s look at the magic of monochrome. Students will have the opportunity to choose one of four assignments due on the last class - This allows students to focus on a body of work on a set theme. Week 6 Lighting - Natural and

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