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Our Philosophy course offers a diverse range of topics across the broad spectrum of Western and Eastern philosophical traditions, giving participants the chance to discover what interests them Each seminar is focused on doing philosophy, rather than learning for an exam. Week 1 Ancient Greek Philosophy: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, Origins of Western Thought Week 2 Does God Exist? The Philosophy of St Thomas Aquinas and Frederich Nietzsche Week 3 Epistemology: How do we know that we know? Week 4 Reflecting on Lived Experience: Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations Week 5 Philosophy in Film: Emotional Engagement and Aesthetics Week 6 Free Will and Determinism: Do we have a Choice? Week 7 Metaphysics in Ancient and Modern Philosophy: What does it mean to ‘Be’? Week 8 The Essay: How to Write a Philosophical Argument Week 9 Philosophy and Advertising: How do you sell an idea? Week 10 Exploration and Presentation: Presenting a Philosophical idea through Media and Multimedia Week 11 Philosophy and Identity: What is your Authentic Self? Week 12 The Reflective Journal: Maintaining a Philosophical Mindset

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